New luxury building is the world’s first ground-up condominium designed by Pei Partnership Architects with Pritzker Prize-winning architect, I.M. Pei.

L.C. (Sandi) Pei, design partner of Pei Partnership Architects, is joined by his legendary father, I.M. Pei, in designing their first ground-up residential condominium, The Centurion in Manhattan. The building presents a unique opportunity to live in a space designed by the architectural team that created the Bank of China headquarters in Beijing and Hong Kong, and the Four Seasons Hotel in Manhattan. I.M. Pei is also the creator of The Pyramid, which modernized Paris’ Louvre Museum.

“We describe The Centurion as a bespoke tailor describes his art: a balanced composition of exquisite materials and richly crafted details that will never look old or dated,” said Sandi Pei. “This project was an unprecedented opportunity to design a building as a work of art in a prime area of New York City that pulsates with life.”